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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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officers who do security outside of sporting events, special events and even their court appearances we questioned the pay after getting a copy of the data base. it shows police officers took home more than 30 million in ot. the starting salary for a new officer is $43,000. we found atleast 100 act #2i6 officers on the force made at least that just in overtime, but some made even more pulling in 60, 80, even $100,000 solely in ot. adetective who secured the city's first international extradition is the city's highest paid employee. add in her $67,000 base salary and she made more than the
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mayor, the city solicitor and her boss it looks good on paper action but to make that kind of money, the hours you have to put in, you don't have a life. >> reporter: that is part of the concern for f ap president bob cherry. investigators did the math and discovered that for an officer leek like kelly to make that much money, she'd have to work more than 40 hours per week in overtime. and no one doubts she did. in fact, she and many others on the force may have little choice. >> please be advised of overtime available. >> reporter: those words, a sign of the times for city police. staff shortages, the city department says leaves them searching for patrol officers on a regular basis. and whilearrests and transcriptions and other things
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add millions to the budget, putting cops in cars to fill budgets accounts for 60% of their orr time spending. it'snot just a matter of spending, it's also a question of safety. >> they're making life and death decisions. >> reporter: that could be tough considering their workload. abc2 news investigators crunched the numbers and determined the highest paid would have to work an average of 30 hours a week, that's at least a 70 hour work week doing the most dangerous job in the city. >> you don't want somebody tired doing the job they have to do. >> reporter: the department has made changes with a new policy aimed at safety. it limits work for officers to 75 hours per week, 16 per day. >> some people are working extraordinary hours but we have
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to. however, what we have to do better is using technology and using our management skills and using our policies to ensure that officers are safe on the street. >> reporter: streets the police union say need a shift when it comes to the police officers who patrol them 8 hours a day and i don't understand. >> it's not just about the overtime. what you're touching upon here is one little piece of a bigger problem and a bigger puzzle l that the city has put on the back burner. >> reporter: tomorrow at 11:00, we'll hear more about that problem including why a 30 year old program is blamed for the overtime. as for the overtime not included in the total you often hear, the cfo says that the city gets paid back for the officers working in the stadium.
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court time is also on its own, all of that is separate from the overtime they talk about. but no matter where you put it on the budget, all of those hours are worked by police officers on top of their regular schedule. you can look at how much they're working for yourself and see how much the highest paid employees in the entire city are taking home. goto our website, and next thursday night right after scandal, a tragic day care story that will give every parent chills. a mothermorn moerning the -- mourning the loss of her baby killed by a day care worker. we are digging in on how the day care was given the option to stay open after the death. it was another day of unseasonably warm temperatures. how much longer will it last,
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let's look at the forecast with wyatt everhart. >> we have the summer pattern here and karen knocking on the door. 77 in the city. warmnight and humid out there. summer like humidity levels up -- levels up to welcome 100. and we're also of course tracking karen still a strong tropical storm with winds to 65. the first showers from karen beginning to hit is southern edge of the gulf coast of the u.s.. through the overnight, just expecting mild and cloudy conditions. . new tonight, a pedestrian was hit near towson university around 90 tonight. baltimore county police say the driver did stay on the scene and the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife
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threatening injuries. >> charges will not be filed against the driver of a vehicle who ran over a family member. 7year old was from baltimore and died at the hospital. hisgrandfather was pullg the float when the boy fell two firefighters were hurt battling a fire that tore through a shopping center. investigators say it originated inside the back storage area of frank's pizza and caused damage to multiple businesses, game stop, cecil's bank, little cesars, they're all damaged. the damage is estimated at 10 (1)000-0000. two firefighterswere treated and released. new tonight, a building that is a lands mark is up for an auction but the building might not fetch much on the sale. it was the last adult movie theater left in baltimore.
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the apex screened dirty movies for more than four decades. the location is just blocks from hopkins medical campus. here's a look at the inside. listing boasts the seating capacity. the auctionis set for next friday at 11:00 a.m. if you're interested all deal, many of you have sounded off about our police overtime investigation. >> joce sterman is talking with you online. why some of you say you're worried about your safety. . padlocks and bolts, a baltimore city school keeping the students on lockdown.
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only on two tonight, our investigators uncover a city school using bolts and padlocks to keep students in. >> it's obviously a massive safety violation and since our story aired, the fire department has moved in. >> brian kuebler explains how this isn't the first time the school has been cited bolts on doors. students saythat was just a reality inside this school for every door but the main entrance, a giant fire hazard even parents didn't know about if there was a fire, they wouldn't be able to get out. >> reporter: did you know about it? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: if you knew, what would you do? >> i would call the school board and complain? . >> reporter: today, they were
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removed by direct order of the fire marshal. after abc2 news uncovered the padlocked doors yesterday, the fire department made it abundantly clear that these locks preventing the use of these doors is a critical breach of any fire code anywhere period. >> to make sure the doors aren't padlocked again and other aspects of the fire code are complied with. >> reporter: did you ask them to remove the bolts? >> yes. >> reporter: the school has declined a request for an interview for two days in a row, but it can't claim ignorance on this. fire records show locking doors at that school has been a problem in the past. abc2 newsinvestigators obtained these records detailing past inspections of the academiment
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in 2011, a city inspector cited all exit doors must remain unlocked during school hours or when any students are in the building. back then, it required immediate compliance or face legal action. but now, two years later, the school was using bolts and padlocks to lock the doors. >> reporter: does it concern you? >> yes, that is a concern. ihad my inspectors go to 12 random schools today to check. >> reporter: including this morning's visit and having staff cut bolts off exit doors. we asked the folks on northern avenue to answer questions about these locks and no response. we'll keep asking for answers. you can follow brian's invests
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on twitter at bryan from abc2 news we broke two investigations tonight. just a minute ago, we told you about the millions being spent on overtime for the police. let's see what people are saying. >> reporter: kelly, getting a lot of feedback on twitter and on the station's facebook page. go to and you can weigh in. this is the hot topic. we've heard from a lot of people including hope who says police still don't make enough, pay them more and they wouldn't need to work overtime. ray russell told us, it's not safe, it's not right, it's not properly managed. meagan toldus they should make that much de despite overtime. we of coursewant you to weigh in on this topic. go to and
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give us your take or tweet me at joce from abc2 news. and now, from a bshgs bc 2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> 83 out at bwi today and 71 would be normal. obviouslyrunning well above average temperature wise. also a stormy story in the out look. nowmight be the time to get that storm shield weather app down loaded because we'll be dealing with karen monday into tuesday. first a time lapse for you as we finished out the day in dundalk on a cloudy note. on the bay waters tomorrow, whether ever your travels take you -- a summer like type of feel. andthe heat may peak on
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saturday. now we're in the low 70s just about statewide. 71 inhagerstown so really, unusual to see it this warm this late and that's a function of the high humidity on top of the warm temperatures. on radar,relatively clear. we thinkthat's where there could be more shower action across pennsylvania tomorrow. we'llstill be under the influence of high pressure sitting off the carolinas that will bring in more humidity. it's set to get even steamier tomorrow. we'relooking dry for the next couple of day, but it's a window that will steadily be closing. we'llsee a few showers north of us tomorrow, maybe an isolated shower saturday, but what comes, this front will begin
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marching through our direction. it willpick up moisture from tropical storm karen which will become a category one hurricane praps in the next several hours. it'skind of a mixed solution for the forecast. what we know for sure is she'll be bringing a lot of moisture into the southeastern u.s.. winds at 65 now with karen. she's moving northwest at 9 miles an hour. not a power house, but a healthy tropical storm at 450 miles south of mobile, alabama now. here's thelatest track if the hurricane center. it brings karen on to shore slowly saturday into sunday. winds around 70 miles an hour. a lot of rain here for the han handle of florida, across
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mobile and maybe to mississippi. then it comes toward maryland sunday into monday. so the weekend, i think we get in dry but all computer models sweeping karen here by early next week. it's not a bad deal for us. we're moreconcerned with where that land fall is. tonight, down to 60. patchy late fog possible. tomorrow, 84, sun and clouds and unseasonable once again. ithink it peaks saturday when some spots could flirt with 90. then we see a change as we get to sunday and monday as we get karen plus the fronts coming. that will not only mean unsettle led weather here, but part of that could spark the first big snow in the u.s. toward wyoming. it's two systems coming together. it's interestingmonday and tuesday.
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thanks wyatt. . new develops in that show down between a group of bikers and the family in this suv. now, while it seems the confrontation started when the suv driver hit the motorcyclist. in a statement tonight, the wife off of the suv driver says her husband did what he had to do to protect his family.
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frm time to get that shopping list ready. >> now that it's officially fall, it's time to stock up on some of the delicious foods. pumpkins pack a healthy punch. >> the seeds are high in ving zinc and that's one thing we need. pump kins are also high in
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other things that have been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer. >> and brus sell sprouts and a pomagranite is great. an applea-day, keeps the doctor away. >> something tells me pumpkin pie doesn't count. >> that pumpkin spiced coffee is great it doesn't feel like fall so much. finally we're in october when the tropics flair up. hurricane hunters were there this evening and wins were at 68. 7 day forecast for us, we get the weekend on a balmy note. the threat for karen for us will be heavy rain monday and
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don't forget your purple tomorrow. >> scandal was good, you be good tomorrow. >> have a great night. ♪
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, john mayer. this week in unnecessary censorship. and from "scandal", katie lowes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching at home. i'm glad you are here on day three of -- of the government shutdown. during a speech in maryland, president obama blamed the shutdown on house speaker john boehner. then john boehner blamed it on the a-a-a-alcohol. we are at a stand still. it is costing $300 million a day. that is a full ironman sequel per day. we could be up to "ironman 7"
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tomorrow. we are not. nonessential government services have been put on hold. flight safety inspectors furloughed. national monuments closed. the grand canyon its closed. they filled it with spackle. passport offices have been closed too. interesting fact. passport lines, take exactly the same amount of time whether the passport office is open or not. one very significant result of the shutdown is, 70% of u.s. intelligence employees are off the job which could make us vulnerable to a terrorist attack. al qaeda release aid video that has the the cia very concerned. [ speaking foreign language ] >> but it seems like you are doing a pretty good job on your own. let us know if you need any help. we will be around. yolo!
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: yesterday, marlin stuchman, not a name i made up, one of the congressmen response bum for the shutdown. marlin dug his heels in. we are not going to be disrespected. we have to get something out of this. and i don't know what that even its. that's what he said. quite a rallying cry, by the way. what do we want? i have no idea! wh when do we want it? couldn't possibly tell you. if he didn't want to be disrespect heed shouldn't have run for congress in the first place. perhaps the most baffling move during the shutdown came from texas representative, he went down to the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. because of shutdown. they weren't letting people in. keep in mind this is one of the tea party guys. that didn't stop him from scolding a confused park ranger.
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>> travels with their family. and how do you -- how do you give access. i don't get it. >> it is difficult. >> it is difficult. >> park service should be ashamed of themselves. >> i'm not ashamed. >> you should be. >> this woman is doing her job. just like me. a 30 year federal veteran. >> the reason you are -- >> no, because the government won't dupe its job and pass the budget. >> jimmy: that seems like a fun scene. why is he yelling at a park ranger. shame on you for doing what i made you do. by the way, a flag pin isn't enough. you have to go with the whole full flagpole growing out of the pocket like an orchid. you know, we might, we might not be feeling the effects of the shutdown yet, the 800,000 so-called nonessential government emplo


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